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Premises License

What is a Premises Licence For?

A Premises Licence legally authorises a premises to execute licensable activities. Almost any business that participates in one or more licensable activities will require a Premises Licence. This includes venues like takeaways and late night cafes.

Examples of licensable activities include:

• The sale or supply of alcohol;
• The provision of regulated entertainment; and
• The provision of late night refreshments, specifically hot food or drink sold between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

What is Regulated Entertainment?

Regulated entertainment refers to any entertainment provided in front of an audience for entertainment purposes of the audience.

Examples of regulated entertainment include:

• The performance of a play;
• The showing of a film;
• An indoor sporting event, including boxing or wrestling;
• The performance of live music;
• Any playing of recorded music;
• A performance of dance; and
• Entertainment along similar parameters (for example, a circus)

How Long is a Premises Licence Valid?

A Premises Licence remains valid until the Licence is revoked, suspended or surrendered. Applicants can request a time-limited Licence if they would like, otherwise there is no time limit.

Who Can Apply for a Premises Licence?

Individuals aged 18 or over, business and partnerships can apply for a Premises Licence.

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